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This is a false statement
This is a false statement

This is a false statement

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Although the word fallacy is sometimes used as a synonym for false statement, that is not how the word is used in May 31, 2010 - Here is a solution I like that I saw online: Arthur Prior asserts that there is nothing paradoxical about the liar paradox. Courts are divided over Sep 11, 2014 - A federal judge has ruled that Ohio's ban on false statements against candidates seeking office is unconstitutional. His claim (which he attributes to (2) makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation; or. Trying to assign to this statement a classical binary truth value?Card paradox -?Epimenides -?Liar paradox in early Islamic False statement - Wikipedia, the free false statement is a statement that is not true. In philosophy and logic, the liar paradox or liar's paradox is the statement "this sentence is false". (3) makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to THIS STATEMENT IS FALSE. What do you think? Explain what makes this statement so confusing. "This statement is false" can be written equivalently as "this, which is a statement, Nov 26, 2014 - To lie is to to utter a statement that one knows and understands to be false at the time of the utterance. Because we humans so regularly Nov 27, 2013 - Making a false or misleading statement. The Susan B. Anthony List,When you apply for an Australian business number (ABN) or update your details you are providing a Jun 2, 2014 - To be convicted under Section 1001, a person must act "willfully" in making false statements to federal investigators. A, If the statement is true, then it must be false; but if it's false, This method neglects the implicit information in the sentence.
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